4 Benefits of Living the Beach Life

McKinley Beach offers nearly a full kilometre of beachfront, a private marina, and numerous hiking and biking trails. The location of Kelowna’s newest lakefront community, ideally placed on the shores of the Okanagan Lake, sets it apart from other communities thanks to the natural surrounding environment. But did you know that living next to the water actually has natural health benefits? Here are 4 benefits of living the beach life at McKinley Beach . . .

Do you ever notice how being on a beach comes with a sense of peace and tranquility? There are interesting scientifically-proven benefits to spending time at the beach which include an increase in creative thinking, reduced anxiety, and a more mindful approach to life. Wallace J. Nichols PhD, author of ‘Blue Mind’ describes the ‘surprising science that shows how being near, in, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do.’

The Exeter Study, led by Dr. Michael White, reveals some interesting motivations and psychological advantages of living by the beach, the main one being an increase in active lifestyle. Living on the coast of an ocean or lake naturally encourages physical activity. Swimming being an obvious one, but there’s also added motivation to explore coastal paths, trails, and beaches, which in turn increases physical activity.

Exposure to sunlight increases nitric oxide production in your body, lowering blood pressure and benefits your cardiovascular system. Vitamin D from sensible sun exposure appears essential in preventing 16 different types of cancer, including melanoma, and a host of other health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, fractures, and infections. The big advantage of living by the beach means you get the maximum amount of Vitamin D (even while wearing sunscreen) thanks to the natural reflection from the lake.

Swimming in natural waters, such as the Okanagan Lake, comes with a whole host of advantages. Contact with natural water stimulates and boosts the immune system while also triggering the release of endorphins. The colder temperature of natural water helps to jumpstart blood circulation and increases cardiovascular health. It also encourages ‘play time’; something many adults are in serious need of as it connects to an emotional sense of fun and well-being.

So what are you waiting for? Move to the beach! You’ll be healthier, live longer, and have way more fun! The McKinley Beach sales office is awaiting your call 😉

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