7 Steps to Building Your New Home: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 of ‘7 Steps to Building Your New Home’, you can find it here. There are a lot of decision to make when building your new home and we hope this series will help you along the way.

Without further ado . . .


Would you represent yourself in court? Would you attempt to do surgery on yourself? Have you ever considered asking the barista at Starbucks if you can go ahead and make your own coffee? Of course not. There are professionals to do these things for you. The same goes for building your home. Assemble a team of trusted professionals to aid you in your building journey; you won’t regret it.

Your Builder is going to be your most valuable asset. They will be your guides through the treacherous mountain regions of building your perfect home. They can advise you, counsel you, and fight on your behalf when necessary. Their job is to realize your dream and help make it a reality.

Other team members to take into consideration could include specialized designers like a bathroom or kitchen designer. An Interior Designer and Decorator can really add to the look and feel of your home and you’ll almost certainly want to retain a good landscape architect. If you’ve never worked with one, ask your Builder who they would recommend. The outside of your house is an extension of the interior and you’re going to want it to look good!

McKinley Beach has a list of preferred builders that they work with on a regular basis and we’re happy to recommend them. You can check them out on the McKinley Beach website.


If you were going to throw an awesome party, would you pick up some balloons and cake and call it a day? No, you’d plan. The planning phase for building your home can sometimes be arduous but it’s an essential piece of the puzzle and the better planned you are, the easier your building experience will become. Here are a few things to bear in mind:

Details – This is one of those times where you really do want to pay attention to the details. Don’t be vague, be exact!

What if? – Explore all possibilities and scenarios before settling on the one that works for you. Don’t be afraid to change plans at this point. It’s easier to move that wall now than to try and do it after it’s already been built.

No Limits – Don’t limit your imagination! Now is the time to dream big and figure out what you want and how you want it to look. You can start to trim back if necessary but don’t limit yourself at this stage. This is your house.

Be Decisive – You’re going to have to make a lot of decisions at this stage. You can’t leave anything to chance and you can’t leave multiple options on the table. This planning stage will shape the rest of the building process so consider all your decisions carefully.

Be sure to check in next month when we talk about the final steps 6-7! In the meantime, check out the McKinley Beach Site plan, and take a look at where you could be building your next home: http://www.mckinleybeach.ca/siteplan/ or, even better, visit the McKinley Beach site and see the new community for yourself!