How to Create a Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

There’s a current design trend that’s growing in popularity. We’re seeing a number of homes looking to incorporate functional spaces that reflect both the indoors and outdoors and cross seamlessly between the two. Not only does it look esthetically pleasing, it’s also a crafty way to increase the perceived space of your home.

In some cases this is accomplished simply by using design esthetics; carrying over the same style and design or using a complimentary stye and design that makes for a smooth transition.

However, there are also other ways to enhance your living space. Large retractable screen doors leading from your living room to your patio allow for a seamless move from indoors to outdoors, while still keeping the bugs out. You can learn more about them at

Opening a master bedroom to an enclosed private courtyard that may feature an an outdoor shower, spa tub, or hot tub can create a spa-like feel within your home. Or an indoor/outdoor pool for those who love to swim, can really open up your home.

Cooking enthusiasts can extend their kitchen by installing an external BBQ, kitchen worktops, and even a kitchen island, a patio bar, a relaxing lounge furniture set, and more, allowing you to take the party outside on a crisp summer’s day.

Consider taking all this under consideration when you build your new home at McKinley Beach!

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