Introducing 3rd Generation Homes

There are five preferred building groups who are lending their expertise to the McKinley Beach community. These builders were selected based on their experience, unique approach, and the undeniable skill that they bring to every project.

This week we’d like to introduce you to Cassidy and Gerald at 3rd Generation Homes:

For the past three generations, custom home building has been in the family. Since the 1930’s, building has been a way of life for the family and will continue to be so for many more generations into the future. Being born into the construction industry, Cassidy takes a very practical approach to designing whereas Gerald takes extra notice of small details and is often described as “fussy”; as well as being known for his strict timelines. It’s 3rd Generation’s unique approach to building; in house framing, finishing and custom work, and the fact that we don’t work on a cost plus basis that have really propelled us to be a sought after custom home builder in Kelowna.

What we are seeing is that homeowners want a very modern exterior, but not as modern in the inside. They still want a home to be livable and sometimes assume that modern means cool and high maintenance. This is not necessarily the case and we hold functionality and livability as the number one priority when it comes to design. We believe “modern” means clean lines and we use a lot of natural materials to achieve a comfortable and warm feel while still maintaining an air of sophistication.

McKinley Beach is exactly the type of subdivision that Kelowna has been needing. We were the first builder to sign on as we believed in the vision from the start. We have always leaned more towards modern design, so we are really excited about this project. We have been seeing the trends in flooring and lighting all move in the more modern direction for years. It’s amazing to finally have a sub division where a full modern home is an option and will still blend with the overall theme of the neighbourhood.

You can learn more about 3rd Generation Homes on their website at