Just when you thought it was safe to take a selfie . . .

Have you noticed a large amount of hollowed out orange-coloured vegetables showing up on people’s doorsteps? Have you been to your local grocery store and thought to yourself: “There sure is a lot of candy in here?” That’s right, it’s HALLOWEEN!

It’s time to dress up and win with the 3rd Annual Halloween contest from McKinley Beach . . .


“The Creepy-Kelowna Contest 3: Scary Selfies”

We’ve made a few changes to the contest this year including new prizes and switching up some of the categories:


  1. Grand Prize #1 – Best Halloween Costume at the McKinley Beach Entrance Way
    Take a picture of yourself in costume at the McKinley Beach entrance way at the end of Shayler Road.
    PRIZE: $100 Gift Card to Cactus Club
  2. Grand Prize #2 – Most Popular Costume
    The best costume as voted on by Facebook users (the picture with the most ‘Likes’)
    PRIZE: $100 Gift Card to Cactus Club
  3. Runner Up #1 – Cutest Kid’s Costume
    That one picture that makes us go ‘awwwwww’.
    PRIZE: $50 Gift Card to Mamma Rosa Restaurant
  4. Runner Up #2 – Most Unusual Costume
    The costume that makes us go ‘huh?’
    PRIZE: $50 Gift Card to RauDZ
  5. Runner Up #3 – Scariest Costume
    The costume that makes us go “AHHHRRGGHH!”
    PRIZE: $50 Gift Card to the Bohemian Cafe

As always, we’ll be running the contest through our McKinley Beach Facebook page! The contest officially launched on Wednesday October 26th, so head over enter

Things to remember:

– You must have rights to use the photo you’re entering and it must feature yourself or a consenting family member/friend.

– The contest opens on Wednesday October 26th and closes on Friday November 4th at 9:00am with winners to be announced on Friday November 4th at around noon.

– Inappropriate images will be hidden from the Facebook page and disqualified from the contest.

– Don’t forget to share this post and encourage others to ‘Like’ your image!

Visit the McKinley Beach Facebook Page to submit your entry!

View the official contest rules here: