The Okanagan Story

McKinley Beach represents all the amenities, promises, and potential of living in the Okanagan, in one place . . .

The Okanagan Valley, nestled in British Columbia’s interior, boasts four distinct yearly seasons. Summers are hot and dry with over 2000 average hours of sunshine per year and temperatures often averaging in the mid 30s making a dip in the lake a welcome necessity. Spring and Fall both offer comfortable temperatures, ideal for hiking and enjoying the natural transition of the seasons.

Winters in the valley, particularly near the water, are mild with daytime average temperatures in December and January of around 0 degrees and very little snow. Heavy snowfall on the mountains surrounding the valley make for ideal skiing and snowboarding conditions at local resorts. Big White is the closest ski resort to McKinley Beach and can be found less than an hour’s drive away from the community. Other resorts in the valley include Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon and Apex Mountain Resort in Penticton.

The Okanagan Lake spans an impressive 135 kilometres with countless sandy beaches found along its shores. Reaching swimmable temperatures in May, the lake is the ideal place to cool off during the summer months and caters perfectly to water toys and sports for all ages.

A variety of amenity-rich locations are available throughout the valley including over 45 golf courses, miles of beachfront, over 160 camping areas, and a total of 65 scenic provincial parks.

Over 80% of BC’s wine vineyards can be found right here in the Okanagan right alongside over 200 wineries, many of which win awards on a yearly basis for their various wines and labels.

The lifestyle in the Okanagan is one of community, events, and amenities. A thriving arts community can be found throughout the valley, particularly in Kelowna’s Downtown along with an active nightlife, cultural district, and historic and modern architecture to delight anyone’s taste.

McKinley Beach has taken the essence of the Okanagan story to heart with the development and creation of the new community. It truly represents the best of the Okanagan all in one convenient and beautiful location.

Learn more about McKinley Beach, contact the Downtown Discovery Centre today – 250-980-5555