6 Summer Workout Tips

The McKinley Beach community combines a desirable location with amenities and services culminating in a one-of-a-kind location that promotes a healthy and natural lifestyle.

The summer months present a great opportunity to take advantage of our local amenities and locations in the Okanagan. Exercise is an essential part of any active and balanced lifestyle and we want to share with you our top 6 Summer Workout Tips:

1) Start Early

Daily temperatures reach their peak in the mid afternoon. If you’re planning on working out this summer and prefer not to suffer from heat exhaustion then you’re better off working out earlier in the day. An early morning jog or hike is a great way to get your endorphins firing and prepare you for the day ahead.

2) Dress for Less

Lighter clothing is ideal for summer workouts as it allows for quicker cool down periods and better ventilation. Wearing fewer clothes is the obvious answer but try and be a little modest. The last thing we want to do is spook the tourists. Light-colored fabrics will also reflect the sun rather than absorb it allowing you to stay cooler longer. Technical fabrics designed to deal with heat, stretching, and sweat are ideal. Visit Lululemon Athletica on Bernard Ave, just a block away from the McKinley Beach Discovery Centre, and get kitted out for all your workout needs.

3) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

If you’re doing a short workout (anything less than an hour) you’ll be fine drinking plain water. If you’re going to be undergoing a more extensive workout you’ll be better off drinking a sports drink that contains sodium and other electrolytes. Electrolytes feed your body and replenish your sodium levels so as to avoid hyponatremia which results in headaches, exhaustion, and dizziness.

4) Hit the Trails

In the Okanagan we’re very fortunate to live in a mountainous region populated with forests and hiking trails. Higher elevations often come with cooler temperatures and tree cover can give you a break from direct sunlight. Running on a forest trail is also cooler as the ground absorbs the heat and will reflect less than concrete or paved roads and sidewalks.

5) Hit the Water

Taking a dip in a large body of water seems like an obvious way to cool down but it also offers a great deal of exercise opportunities. If you have access to a boat then wakeboarding, wake skating, and waterskiing are all great ways to stay cool while working your leg, arm, and shoulder muscles. If you’re looking for more of an all-round workout then Stand Up Paddle boarding works your core and gives you a great cardio session to boot. If you’re looking for something a little calmer, you can always try SUP Yoga or Lakeside Yoga. Staying close to the water is a great way to stay cool.

Join us at McKinley Beach this Saturday (August 23rd) for two free yoga classes by the lake. You can find more details on our Facebook page.

6) Listen to Your Body

Finally, make sure you listen to your body when exercising in a hot climate. If you find you’re getting dizzy, light headed, if your muscles start cramping, or your vision begins to blur, take a break. Find a shady spot, pour water over your head and neck and drink lots of water or a sports beverage. Your health is what’s important and while exercise is an integral part of a balanced lifestyle; it’s not worth dying of heat stroke just so you can fit in an extra kilometer on your jogging route.

Enjoy the weather and make use of the great locations and amenities in the Okanagan Valley. And remember to come visit us for a free yoga session by the lake on Saturday at McKinley Beach!