The Advantage of Outdoor Exercise

At McKinley Beach, we’re building a community based around lifestyle and balance. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Love it or hate it, exercise can do wonders not only for your physical well-being but it also contributes heavily to a healthy mindset. But are there advantages to taking your workout outside? We explore some reasons why an outdoor exercise routine might be better than hitting the indoor gym . . .

1) An Ever-Changing Environment
Especially if you’re doing any sort of endurance training, there’s no better place to exercise than outside. The difference in environmental factors means your body is always adapting to new terrain, new surfaces, and so on. This helps strengthen connective tissue which in turn can prevent injuries down the road. Also, in a gym you’re only working out on specific machines and any pattern that’s constantly repeated on a machine can potentially cause overuse and eventual injury.

2) Wind Resistance
There’s nothing like a bit of natural resistance to burn those few extra calories. While running or biking outside (like along the numerous hiking and biking trails at McKinley Beach) you can often encounter wind resistance. This helps you to burn more calories as you’re working against a natural resistance.

3) Cost Effective
An average gym pass is around $70+ per month. And while few can resist that three day-old sweat smell, there are savings to be had by switching to an outdoor workout. This sometimes requires a little more drive and determination on your part as you don’t have a trainer or fellow work out companions to cheer you on your way. But if you’re really missing the gym, you could always pop down to McKinley Beach and use our outdoor gym! (pictured above)

4)  Family Inclusive
Kids usually can’t go to the gym or have to stay in a daycare while you’re busy pumping iron. Thankfully, outside is open to everyone! It’s important to exercise with your kids and show them that physical activity can be a fun and enjoyable experience. And there’s lots to do between biking, hiking, and playing sports and outdoor games. Even if you’re just playing at the park together, all that running and climbing can have you working up a sweat.

5) Backed by Science
Because ‘science’, that’s why! Recent studies have shown that there are actual scientific advantages to working out outside. Researchers discovered that exercising outdoors increased energy and positive engagement, and decreased anger, stress, and depression.

So instead of spending your time cooped up inside, bring the workout into the great outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful seasons we’re fortunate enough to experience here at McKinley Beach and the Okanagan Valley!